Bruce Lee and the Outlaw

Feature documentary.

   Behind the scenes  | Joost filming in the tunnels (2015). Bruce Lee in the backround

Behind the scenes | Joost filming in the tunnels (2015). Bruce Lee in the backround


A feature documentary film shot over 6 years, by Joost Vandebrug (in Post-production)

Produced by Grain Media Co-produced by Revolver



A modern-day Oliver Twist story under the streets of Bucharest.

In the underground tunnels of Bucharest lies the hidden world of the Lost Boys. An alternate universe inhabited by Nicu, his friends and their leader Bruce Lee.

Bruce is the self-proclaimed King of the Tunnels. Covered in the silver paint they all inhale, to outsiders he appears like a sci-fi character stalking the streets with a cloud of dogs and his boys in tow. But for the Lost Boys he is both protector and father-figure. Notorious in Bucharest, he’s the star of TV news, whilst also being banned from the city.

Filmed over six years, the story follows harsh winters and scorching summers, as Bruce battles to fulfill his dream of building a real house for the Lost Boys.

In the grounds of an old squat, he lays bricks, taps electricity from street lamps, and finds furniture and televisions… transforming the ‘Baraca’ into a real home...

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